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News: 1981 Factory Oil Pressure Gauge Headache solved


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Oct 14, 2014
1981 Black Coupe Red Interior
:happyanim:Some of you may recall my posts regarding problems with my oil pressure reading on my 1981 stock Vette.
I want to thank all of you who answered with ideas. Here is the history and a final fix.

Installed a new GM Restoration oil pressure gauge and the new one solved a nagging problem I was having. I was getting varied readings from my factory gauge. At start, it read at about 20psi and after about 3 minutes run time it would jump up to 50-60psi with jerky movements. I tested the circuits and all pointed to the sender as the problem as the gauge passed all of the tests outlined by Willcox Tech Support online. Changed the sender and still the problem was there. Checked ohms output from the sender and actual pressure with a mechanical gauge. All read great. Decided to change out the gauge as the next step, and the work tearing the console and gauge cluster down was well worth it. Fired it up and Problem Solved. Glad I changed the gauge even when it passed the tests. Just want to follow up FYI. While I had the cluster out I changed all of the light bulbs and assorted gaskets.
:beerThanks again for all your help. It showed me the steps I took to the fix.
Glad you got it figured out. I can see where a gauge would test ok but still have a sticky needle.


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