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1982 Fuel Pump & Sending Unit Question


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Jul 23, 2014
Hello Again,

Looking to buy a new Sending Unit (1982) but not the pump. Most of the sending units I've looked at, do Not have the little capacitor attached. What's the deal on that? is it not needed?

Also, where is the best place to buy the sending unit and are there any Big differences? I've seen some for around $100 bucks with free shipping. Is that my best deal?

Kiki - this isn't one of the operational features that you want to shave dimes on - it is too much effort to R&R the unit if you get a bad one as I did due to typical Chinese parts quality. I bought mine from Corvette Central and it would not function in the tank - only outside the tank. Turns out it had a bad spot-weld where it grounds on the unit itself. The replacement from C/C had a rivet instead of a spot weld so seems they changed suppliers. I would now trust/recommend them again, even though as you noted they don't have the noise capacitor. I do notice some additional radio noise now but also replaced the spark plugs with platinums in the same weekend so not sure about the true cause, yet.
Two other things:
1. Order a rubber replacement gasket. You need it if it is the original. Also, you reference not replacing the pump. I assume you've replaced it in the very recent past. If not, you're cutting the wrong corners. $60 for a pump is cheap insurance while the patient is already on the operating table.
2. Remember to turn the sending unit 180 degrees to the right while pulling it out. Many posts talk about the extraction/reinstallation difficulties and that is not so if you follow this method.
Good luck

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Hey Thanks for that feedback, I'm not into cutting corners either but by the same token don't want to pay an extra $100 bucks for the same product. I've been trying to deal with just one or two companies to build up that trust thing....Thanks again!

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