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Adjust gas gauge/fuel sending unit?


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Jul 5, 2002
1996 Black Coupe - LT4
Is there a way to adjust the fuel sending unit? I have a 1996 Corvette.

I replaced my old sending unit and bought an OEM GM sending unit and its several gallons off. The gas gauge was in Reserve with 1 bar left, I filled up today with 15.5 gallons. So there should be still 4.5 gallons left, correct. I do not like driving in the Reserve less than 2 bars. But, based on this I could have driven from awhile still, +60 miles. I'm getting accustomed to the new readings, but Reserve to me, should be 1-2 gallons not 1/4 tank. Conversely, the gauge stays at full for +50 miles before moving, not as a big deal as the empty, but i'd like to improve the accuracy.

Can I bend the float arm down a little? up? is there an adjustment or way to reset? Thanks, John.
My 95 stays at full for 100 miles at average. I reset my trip odo. At every fillup. So far, my actual mpg is corresponding to what my dash is displaying. I may try and pull my sending unit and try to adjust (bend) the float arm.

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