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Adjust gas gauge/fuel sending unit?


Well-known member
Jul 5, 2002
1996 Black Coupe - LT4
Is there a way to adjust the fuel sending unit? I have a 1996 Corvette.

I replaced my old sending unit and bought an OEM GM sending unit and its several gallons off. The gas gauge was in Reserve with 1 bar left, I filled up today with 15.5 gallons. So there should be still 4.5 gallons left, correct. I do not like driving in the Reserve less than 2 bars. But, based on this I could have driven from awhile still, +60 miles. I'm getting accustomed to the new readings, but Reserve to me, should be 1-2 gallons not 1/4 tank. Conversely, the gauge stays at full for +50 miles before moving, not as a big deal as the empty, but i'd like to improve the accuracy.

Can I bend the float arm down a little? up? is there an adjustment or way to reset? Thanks, John.


New member
Oct 13, 2021
Central Tennessee
95 Dark Purple metalic coupe, 78 Silver Anniversary
My 95 stays at full for 100 miles at average. I reset my trip odo. At every fillup. So far, my actual mpg is corresponding to what my dash is displaying. I may try and pull my sending unit and try to adjust (bend) the float arm.

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