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Question: 1984 Weather stripping and door panel insulation


Nov 21, 2009
The Targa top rear mounting body hardware is on the way. My next project is the weather stripping. I've looked on the internet along with a few other sources including this forum for information and it seems the more info I find the more confused I get :ugh.

Its a 1984 and as noted above I'm hoping to find time to replace the rear top mounting body hardware this weekend. I'm hoping that replacing both sides will allow the Targa top to seal well enough that it will have no more water leaks when it rains but I'm not holding my breath on that happening. For now I would like to replace the weather stripping around the top body and Targa top. I can put the rest off for a Winter project along with a few other projects.

In trying to obtain information on replacing the weather stripping a majority say to use ONLY GM. I'm not opposed to that but does it really make a difference quality wise or does it have more to do with the ease of replacing it ? When I do order the weather stripping I will probably order the kit for the entire car.

One of the first part orders I placed for it when I purchased it was the pre cut insulation and hardware kit for both door panels. They are both still in the Corvette Central box they came in 7 years ago. This seemed like a fairly simple project but for whatever reason (I cant remember now its been so long LOL) I put this off. Is this really a difficult project ? Every time the driver or passenger side door closes it reminds me that I have these in a box in my garage.

Thank You for any info


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Mar 25, 2015
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GM hasn't made these parts in a long time. Strictly aftermarket(licensed GM reproductions). Here's what I bought and installed on my '90. They fit and look great. Plus they DO what they are supposed to do. KEEP THE WATER(and air) out. The price is right and the quality is better than original.

1984-96 C4 Coupe Body Weather-strip Kit–CorvetteMods.com

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