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1987 C68 Electronic Climate Control Problem


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Aug 26, 2009
Anderson SC
1987 Convertible
I have an 87 Vert with the C68 Electronic Climate Control. The abridged version of my problem is that the buttons, lights and temp display started to perform erratically and after unsuccessfully trying the cleaning processes documented here and elsewhere the unit was sent off for repair. The result of the repair was that the lights, buttons, and temp display now work, however, the fan does not work on either automatic or manual settings and the AC compressor does not engage, in other words the system doesn't respond to any of the inputs from the face of the unit. The essence of the repair was to solder the contacts on the male connector on the circuit board and the female connector on the back of the face plate.

In disgust I ordered a reman unit which upon receipt resulted in the heat and AC systems responding to the inputs from the control panel. However on this unit the "Warm" button did not function i.e. the temp could only be lowered using the "Cool" button, it could not be raised. Since both heat and AC responded to this unit I believe everything outside the controller itself is fine.

That unit has been returned and there are no more in stock for replacement so, now I've returned to the original unit and am seeking advice on diagnosing the complete lack of response to any inputs from the face panel.

Frustration abounds and I don't think this has been addressed from my searches, but I may be wrong and apologize in advance if this issue has been addressed.

Any assistance that can be offered is sincerely appreciated.


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