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1990 ZR-1 Owners Kit


Steel Half-Shafts

I need one thing more to complete my 1990 ZR-1 Owners Kit! :D

I'm looking for any info on where I could get the Brushed Stainless Steel Metal Tag that came on the leather portfolio in the 1990 ZR-1 Owners Kit. My Kit is complete except for this metal tag. I have a template of the size of the Tag, but can't seem to locate one.

Also, I would also like to know what "script" was used by GM when they engraved the VIN# and/or Owners Name & VIN# on it, and how it was "laid out" on the Tag. Some tags had only the VIN number and others had the VIN and the Original
Owners name.

If anyone has a Picture or a Scan of a 1990 ZR-1 Owners Kit Leather Portfolio with the Metal Tag on it, I’d be very grateful for a copy.

Any Help will be Appreciated!! :J


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