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Question: 1992 Headlight switch knob


New member
Apr 25, 2014
1992 White Coupe
Hello everyone,
Im new to the Forum and to Corvette's, but not to how forum's work. I used the search function and didn't find what I'm looking for. Maybe one of you can help me...

I bought my son a 1992 Corvette a few days ago. Once he got it home, the headlight switch knob broke off. Apparently it was cracked when we bought it. Now I'm in search of a knob replacement, but don't see any for the 92-93 cars. I've searched here and Google. All I see is the whole switch assembly. Does anyone know where I can buy just a knob?


If you can't find it new, there's a number of people that sell used parts and it would be worth asking them. I've bought many parts through someone on another forum, many being those 'hard to find' items.

Check the forsale sections on some of the Vette forums.
Yeah, looks like I might be in luck. A member just PM'd me that he has one for sale. Thanks for the help CAC! :D

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