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1st to 4th Problem


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Mar 7, 2002
Tampa, FL USA
1996 LT4 Collectors Edition Convertible
Has anybody had any problems with this 1st gear to fourth gear nonsense? I just purchased a LT4 6spd and everytime the light comes on and tells me I should go from 1 to 4, the darn thing doesn't even want to get out of first.
Explain further

If I understand what you are saying, the tranny is hanging up when you try to shift when the light comes on. How does it do when you accelerate hard and then try to shift to second?

When I accelarate hard and go into second I have no problem at all.
Go with the CAGS eliminator. You will still get the 1st to 4th light but now you can just laugh at it.:J
Thanks for the info!

Just for my education, what is happening that it doesn't want to get out of 1st and how does the CAGS eliminator resolve the problem?
Install CAGS

As suggested, install the CAGS unit.

What you were experiencing was the tranny was giving you a little assistance with the 1 to 4 by a slight tug to the right.

Good luck,

The ZF6 speed is set like that for it to pass and emmisions standard, either install the CAGS to eliminate the closed gate on the tranny or just shift later on. I believe it closes the gate to second around 20-25 MPH and 1500 RPM, but I'll have to verify that. Don't force it into second, it's made to do that. Just give it a little gas to get out of that power band and it will shift. But I think most of us who have the ZF6 have installed the CAGS eliminator, just plugs into the tranny. You will still get the shift light, but it now won't lock the gate
Thanks for the help everyone!

Seems like I have a weekend project to do.
better find something else to do while you are at it. The CAGS eliminator takes about 2 minutes once you get under the car. Maybe TB coolant bypass and MAF screen removal.
Speaking of the throttle body bypass. I did this last summer and have driven the car this winter when it was 25 degree's out. the only difference I can see is that it's a little rough running until the engine warms up them it fine. But still never had a problem with it. Just bought all new hoses so now I can get rid of bypass hose and just run straight ones.
Louis, I ordered one from Mid America. They sent 2 in my order. You can have the xtra one if you send me a SASE. If so Ill E my address.


You are THE MAN.

How is the best way to give you my E-mail address. Do I post it in a response or is that a No No?

I'm a newbie to both Vettes and Forums so forgive my ignorance.

Sounds good.

BTW, Who in town are the reputable shops to use if (when) I need to have my car worked on?


Sounds good.

BTW, Who in town are the reputable shops to use if (when) I need to have my car worked on?


Click on the Portal tab and go to the Repair and Restoration Shop section. You should be able to find Corvette repair shops in Florida there.

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