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2001 rear diff.leak



hey guys,big problem! just purchase new 2001 yellow coupe,with manual transmission. the car is leaking fluid from the weep hole in the rear diff. I'v had the car back to the dealer several times,first to check for a possiable overfill of the rear diff.no overfill problem. Now they want to tear my new vette (400mi on this car} half apart to pull rear diff out. has any seen or heard of this problem................ thanks

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. I'm going to move this over into the C5 Forum so that someone can help you out.
Hi there, and welcome,
No, it is not as big as they say it is. This has happened, and it will take about 4 hours to do.
There is a seal within the differential that is leaking the fluid out the weephole.
It is not as major as it sounds, and should not be that bad for you.
Take care, and please keep us posted as to your progress, c4c5
to c4c5 specialist/ rear diff.leaking

c4c5specialist,thanks for the information on my rear diff.leak. I have made numerous calls to people without any answers. It's been leaking since i drove it off the showroom floor so i have"nt had time to even enjoy the car. Is this a very common occurance,or a isolated thing? also my dealer sell's only a few vettes a year so i'm a little concerned if they are able to handle this type of job........ Once again, thank you for the info.....
Hi there,
Well, I am sorry about you situation, however, Iwould check to see if they have someone who knows the car, and does the vette work.
Then, I would say ok, as they will have to do an alignment after they are finished.
As for common, well, I have never heard of one coming off the floor with the problem. I have done many, so I would say that it is a common thing.
Please let us know how you do, c4c5

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