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2001 Sylver coupe Many mods

David Gordon

Well-known member
Aug 23, 2003
Midland texas
2001 Silver Coupe./2008 Crystel Red Met.
I am pondering selling my 2001 Coupe w/ 17k miles and a lot less on motor, tranny and rear.
It has a Texas Speed 395 stroker that put down 489 rwhp and 470 rwtq.
Ram heavy duty clutch, built up tranny with the DTR hardened output shaft.
It has a built DTR rear end w/3.90s and hardened out putshaft. Plus the DTR cage around the tranny and rear end for added strength. The tires are BFG KDs with polished Y2K wheels. The car is fully loaded with everything except a glass top. Sylver and red interior. There are a few small rock chips in it and I would say it was not perfect but it drives good and looks nice. I have had the car 5 years and it stays in the garage and never smoked in. It is a heavily modded car but can still drive anywhere.
I am leaving out alot of parts like the ram air kit , elec. water pump and lots more.
I would like to get $31k out of it. # 432-557-1610

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