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2002 C5 LS1 Piston Slap



My new 2002 Corvette has piston slap and I hate it. Since I am a certified mechanic and engine builder for over 30 years, I feel confident that it is a correct diagnosis. The car has 400 miles on it. The noise occurs when the engine is cold, and through the RPM range of 1500 to 2000 RPM in each gear. It gets quieter when the engine is hot, but it is still heard slightly. Now, I have read a lot of info on the subject over the course of the day and supposedly, the pistons on the 2002's where to be coated to solve the problem. Does anyone know at what serial # GM introduced the new pistons? I cannot imagine how you can have piston slap when the piston to cylinder wall clearance spec is .0007 to .00212 (MAX). We are talking less than 2 thousandths of an inch! I build 509 CI long rod drag race motors that don't exhibit this problem which have almost no piston skirt. I am not sure that GM is holding the tolerance to the published spec.

I just want everyone to know that this problem may have been addressed, but it was not corrected in 2002. And, in my humble opinion, a $50,000 car with only 350 HP should not have ANY engine noise.
Yep, I have the same problem. It gets quieter as the car warms up. There will be someone soon who will answer your concerns, perhaps c4c5specialist.

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