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2002 Z06 Dyno Numbers



I found these numbers at the Halltech site for those of you who are interested. I've included some supporting data but not all, so take them for what they are worth.

2002 Z06 avg. air temp 84':
@195 water temp 350.8hp @ 6150rpm, max torque 337.2 @4900

@205 water temp 337.6hp @ 6050rpm, max torque 333.6 @4850

@212 water temp 334.5hp @ 5700rpm, max torque 339.2 @4900

another 2002 Z06 @ 100 miles:
on 9/25/01 356.1hp @ 6200rpm, max torque 348.4 @4800

Also found a 2001 Z06-air temp 82', lots of correction:
no data 343.8hp max @ 6000rpm, max torque 343.8 @ 4750

They also have some other modified numbers, of course with their products, that look pretty good.

Sure would like to see what some other owners are getting!
Interesting results. Thanks for posting these!

Any other Z06 owners out there with some good dyno results??

I had no idea that the thermostat made that much of a difference.

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