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2003 Z06



I can't believe noone has started talking about the 50th anniversery Z06 ! :eek:))

I called a local dealer, biggest in Central IL. and they are guaranteed 7 of them - I am guaranteed one now.. Going to put my $2500.00 down on it tommorow.. Will be trading in my 2001 Convertible (pewter/black top) for this baby.

Can't wait to see what they have in store for the 50th anniversery Z06 - I'm SURE it will be INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!

Talked to 3 dealerships in Chicago they all wanted to start talking at 5K above invoice, the place I am going through only wants invoice as marked ;o)

If anyone else is trying to reserve a 2003 Z06 and having problems but would travel to central IL to get one I will tell you the name of the dealership - AFTER my name is on that list.. these babies are going to be Scarce I bet!
I'm curious....what did the dealer tell you the proposed 2003 Z06 would entail?
Other than some small, but unique appearance items do not expect the 02 Z06 to be significantly different than the 02. Perforamnce features will probably not change.
will the 2003 z06 have more power than the 2002?

Will the anniversary edition have the same power as the z06?
I'm thinking they'll make some special anniversary color in scarce quantity to keep the value from dropping a whole lot in the future. Of course, I could be way off :s

Please don't get caught up in the "fact" that the 50th anna Corvette will have a "Higher" value and be scarce. I don't see people breaking the doors down for any of the anna cars of the past. Unless GM makes less then 3000 50th anna cars total they will not be rare. If there is more than 3000 of any thing it isn't rare. Buy the 50th anna car because you like it not because it will be some kind of sought after high resale $ Corvette. History of the prior anna cars dictate it won't be. Remember once the C6 appears the following model year with all its GM hype it wil be C5 who??
Black Ice,
You've got a point about the next generation Corvette's. Just look at the 96's, they can be bought for very good prices, even the Grand Sport. But, that's like everything, whenever something new comes out, it's in with the new and out with the old.

I don't know if 50 will be a big thing, but Topps Baseball Cards made their 50th Anniversary a big one. Maybe GM will hold drawings for vintage 'Vette's or something like that. I think producing a low number such as 50 50th Anniversary Corvette's would have more detractors than attractors. Why? The price would be so inflated that no one working, middle or even upper class would be able to afford it. It would be left for the wealthy and they'd probably just buy it and not even drive it. I don't think GM would do that because after all, GM does pride itself in delivering a product that is affordable and that provides value.

But, if the 50th Anniversary 'Vette was just a cosmetic package with very little performance upgrades, that would be very disappointing to say the least. Like my buddy said, "GM always has something up their sleeve." And I don't think they'll disappoint 'Vette lovers since there is 50 years of good old fashioned American tradition and pride here!
I can tell you for a FACT that it is only a cosmetic pkg. One thing also all 2003 Vettes get a NEW rear suspension. I was told it will be a version of C6s. This is Fact.
Blackice -- No power increase over the regular c5 for the anniversary c5?
fifimonster said:
will the 2003 z06 have more power than the 2002?

Will the anniversary edition have the same power as the z06?

Great questions
1) No
2) I'll say 1 in 2 chances and, if GM does it, it'll be only if ordered with the six-speed.

Also---I was a bit slow when I read the lead post in this thread the first time--silly me.

It asked about a 50th anniversary Z06.

There will be no 50th anniversary Z06. The 50th anniversary comemorative C5 will be either a coupe or a convertible but not a Z06 (hardtop).
The response from the GM exec that told me this said this about the 2003.. Why would we do any major change's to a car in its last model year?? From a money standpoint it would be Stupid for us to do that. He did say look for rear suspension changes on the 2003 C5. My guess, its a version of C6s or they know of some flaw with the current design and they decided to make some change to correct it. Ross

With the ever increasing desire for HP and the Z06 being the most powerful 'Vette, don't you believe that they'll keep increasing the power of the Z06?

And wasn't 1963 the first year of the Z06?
When I took delivery of my 2002, we were told that there would probably be no significant changes to the same degree as the 01 to the 02 models on the 03 Z06.

I found that a little hard to believe since thte rumour mills have been churning out 425 HP in 03.

However all you have to do is look at the HP increases from the 97 coupe to the 02 coupe. Not much there at all. Actually a dip in HP in 99 or 00 as a matter of fact, I think 2000 - the catalytic converters were a bit tighter on specs for the year 2000 and they left the HP rating the same even though it dropped about 5HP.

The Z06 is not slated for anything special in 2003.

I'm still hoping for something unique. The Z06 is a wonderful experience !
BullWinkle said:

With the ever increasing desire for HP and the Z06 being the most powerful 'Vette, don't you believe that they'll keep increasing the power of the Z06?
Not in the near-term. Power will remain the same for 03 and 04. With C6 slipped to 05, the next power increase will come then.

And wasn't 1963 the first year of the Z06?

It was the only year prior to 2001 that RPO alphanumeric was used.
Hi Hib

Is the entire C6 line pushed back to 2005, or is it just the next gen Z06 that is pushed back to 2005.

I have not seen any news on the C6 being pushed back a year. From what I understand the C6 will debut in MY 2004 with the Z06 on hiatus for one year, then the C6 body style Z06 will come out with 450 HP in a 2800 lb package.

Are you able to give us your opinion on this ? You can reply online or offline.

There was a blurb in AutoWeek that said something about Bob Lutz (former Chrysler bigwig) not liking the C6 and demanded changes to it before he would approve it. Then it went on to say the C6 is due in 2004 as a 2005 model. It might be because of the "changes" that the car is now delayed or maybe not.
Zapper--Black Ice answered the question.

Lutz, formerly with Diamler-Chrysler is now Vice Chairman of GM and incharge of vehicle development.

C6 is getting slipped to 05 because of changes Lutz has ordered in the exterior design of the car.
Does anyone know of any renderings or other art speculation of what the C6 will look like? Is there any talk of the LS6 427 finding it's way into the engine bay? I heard that there might be problems with emissions, but I'd like to dream of race motors once again haunting the streets, like in the old days. :) --Bullitt
Here is what I know for fact. I know that next year (2003) the C5 gets new rear suspension pieces ala C6, and maybe a new HUD. C6 will be the same rear tranny torque tube design as the C5 is today. You will see bigger brakes, a 3 inch wheel base extension with a little shorter body then C5. I hear 19 inch rubber in front and 20s in the rear. I hear a 5 speed auto tranny (maybe tiptronic type) and an all new stick. I am told the engine will have some sort of internal OHC system but not a true OHC system as Northstar is. The displacement I am told will be larger then the current engine to get higher HP. Look for somewhere around 400 HP in base models. I would assume a few years down the road lets say 2006 you may see a "special " Z06 type car but not right away. I was told the car had angular styling with a tilted up rear end. Now that Bob Lutz started swinging the Axe at the styling dept. who knows what will change now. I also here the interior will have upgraded pieces all over as well. You have to figure the C5 has been a HUGE hit and GM will be VERY CAREFUL not to offend its clients with something toooo drastic. This may be why Lutz is ordering changes to the style of the car. After all that GOOF that designed the AZTEK designed C6 and it looks like Bob Lutz is doing all of us a favor by not letting him screw it up like he did for Pontiac. We can only hope.

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