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4 SALE C3 differential and suspension parts

Oct 7, 2006
South Dakota
76 Coupe
Usable parts left over from my 76, buyer pays freight. These prices are way below what you would pay retail for recon parts.

8 inch Rear spring bolts and nuts (new) $18... still in parts bag

Differential front mount bracket $30... good as new

Differential bolts to front bracket (2) $5.. some wear

Rear spring mount anchor plate $10.. slight face wear. holes good

Rear leaf spring center bolt w/nut (new) $3... still in parts bag

Strut rod bracket $5... holes elongated

Side yokes . u-bolt style $25 each.....usable or good for core on rebuilds

Differential front flange w/deflector $30... no caps or bolts.

Differential housing. cleaned and primed. $140... needs repair to strut rod bracket mounting holes. probably could heli-coil. bearing caps and bolts come with it and will be installed on same sides they came off.

Ring and pinion 3.08 ratio. $50.... normal looking wear. was at .010 backlash when disassembled. original GM parts from another vette.. mileage unknown. I used the case and carrier from this rearend.

Differential rear cover $30. .. original cover.. some damage from an apparent ring gear bolt. was working just fine in my car, but i changed to heavy duty cover. plug and vent included.

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