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59 Vette windshield, dash, gauge removal?



In the process of disassembling my 59 Vette, but I am not sure about how to remove some parts. I have several questions that maybe someone can help me with.

1. Does the windshield and/or dash pad need to be removed before the gauge pod can be removed?

2. How does the stainless trim piece on the main top of the windshield come off? I removed the screws, but don't want to pry on it without some advice first.

3. How hard is it to remove the windshield? I need to have some parts buffed and rechromed but I am a little worried about removing the windshield.

I appreciate any help, advice or suggestions that anyone might have.
I didn't even read through this all the way before the thought went through my head to tell you NOT to let 59Tom help you or you might never get it back together again! :eek

_ken ;)
Dale, The windshield does not have to be removed before remoing the pod however, while you are under there removing the bolts to the pod you about as well go ahead and remove the bolt/nuts holding the windshield:) I don't remember how many bolts there are to the pod but I do remember there are a couple that's pretty hard to get to. As far as the windshield, there are four bolts/studs to remove that are under the side corners of the dash pad(Next to the doors) you will have to lossen the dash"ends" and raise it out of the way to get to these. The winshield trim is fairly easy and somewhat selfexplainatory when you get the windshield assy off the car. Just have some help when lifting it off and take your time............Hey, I figured it out a couple of times, you'll do OK............Steve
Who ? Me?


Ignore Ken and maybe he will go away. :L :L He just wishes that he had a '59.

The guage cluster will come out without removing the pad or windshield. I had my guage cluster out in '71 so the details are a little foggy. I do remember it was easier with the top down so your legs and feet can stick straight up and it hurt a lot. It's one of those things that you just have to start taking apart. Make sure you mark the harness connections and dash lights so they all get back where they belong.

The windshield won't come apart until it is removed from the car. The posts are pulled off the ends freeing the mouldings. Good time to put on a new windshield seal. The stainless mouldings were flash chromed to keep them bright and polishing will remove this. Polished stainless will get a yellowish tint to it. I guess you have to decide how bad they are scratched. I learned this from Dale Pearlman in the NCRS. I always wondered why the stainless trim had a whitish cast and never yellowed or needed buffing.

To remove the windshield there is a row of studs that extend out of the bottom of the frame and posts. You need to go back under the dash to take the nuts off of them. Make sure they are all off before trying to lift the windshield assembly. Upon reassembly be careful not to overtighten the ones on the end tabs on the posts. Many posts have been broken this way. I'm sure there has been an article or two in The Restorer about this. If you decide to go ahead I'll see if I can find it and get you a copy.

Let me know if I can help further (other than actually doing the under dash work).


P.S. Hey Steve, we must have been thinking at the same time. Scarey huh?
I appreciate all the help and information that you have given me over the last couple of months. Also, thanks for the advice on the stainless. I didn't know about the yellowish tint after buffing. I would appreciate the article you spoke of if you can locate it.

Oh, I can fully understand about having the top down for leg room. I have become quiet good at standing on my head and getting stuck.( I 've yelled for the ole wife a coulple of times for help)

Thanks again!!
Restorer article

I'm getting closer. I now know that I'm looking for volumn 21, issue 1, page 40 of The Restorer and the article is 2 pages long. Now all I have to do is dig it out of the archives.

If your wires don't have much flexibility, this would be a good time to replace your harness. The small harness for the cig. lighter and courtesy light come seperate. If you do the wiring replace both of those to. You'll be glad you did. This is a good time for new dash bulbs too. I pulled my cluster two yrs. ago. I think there's five bolts to remove, plus the wiring. The bolts go straight up into the cluster. It all comes out in one piece. The most valuable tool you'll ever own is an assembly manual. You can pick them up from Mid-America for about $20.00. If I can help let me know.
You've gotten a lot of good advice here and one thing I'd like to add is to get an ST-12. It's the GM service manual for the early cars. It has some great sections on the windshield removal and other fun jobs on these cars. They are still available for $20.00 or less on ebay or any of the dealers carry them. The windshield section alone is worth the money. Rich
Windshield removal

Found the article. I'll scan it and email it to you today.


You have mail. 2 actually. For some reason the scanner wouldn't let me attach both to 1 email.

Windshiled Info.

Thanks for the info. Tom. Sorry, about not replying sooner but the ole computer has been in the shop for a couple of weeks.

I plan to tackle the dash and windshield in the next 2 weeks time permitting.

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