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Question: 63 SWC: Advice on Exhaust Changes


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Dec 15, 2014
Waterford, MI
1963 Split Window Coupe 327/340hp
I own a ‘63 SWC and will be replacing the exhaust. I am interested in going with a Stainless Steel exhaust system rather than a “stock” type aluminized type.

Let me first say make these disclaimers/explanations:
The car will never be a track car. Nor may it ever be an NCRS-type restored car as it has a non-numbers matching engine block, and I have run into dead ends being able to get the original paperwork for the car. What I can say is everything points to it originally being a 340hp Hi-Po. While I try to put “correct” parts on the car as I replace different things, I am willing to do deviate from original to improve drivability or durability (examples I’m considering – dual master cylinder change, front disk conversion, stainless exhaust). I also am willing to do things that would move it into what I would call a “Day-2” car (examples – ET Sebring wheels that look like the Halibrand racing wheels GM used in the period, and 670-15 Coker radial reproduction tires that look like period bias-plys).

With all that said……..here finally are my questions for the group:
1) Rather than going with a “welded” system, which is correct for originality, I am leaning towards going with a “replacement style” system that has the clamp-on/slip fit rear mufflers. With this, I can easily replace a muffler or pipe if one ever gets damaged rather than an entire system, but just as importantly it would allow me to swap in/out different mufflers if I ever want to experiment. Does anyone have any issues with fitment on the typical clamp-style that might drive me toward a more “correct” welded system?
2) I think I have narrowed my “short list” to 2 or 3 exhaust suppliers – Muskegon Brake, Stainless Works, and Mike Allen’s Stainless system. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Allen’s exhaust – but the Stainless Works system also looks compelling. Anyone have any of these systems on their cars that can comment about anything bad/good with each? I have talked with Mike Allen on the phone several times, and it appears he knows the Corvette business well, and is very responsive to calling back in evenings and even weekends……I am assuming customer service is very good.
I'm seeing that you have no replies to your good questions in these older posts. I don't have any suggestions on suppliers for your exhaust but if you are interested I completely LOVE the noises coming out of "N11" option equipped cars...

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