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64 Windscreen Wiper


col wolf

Help! my windscreen wipers wont turn off. Is there some way I can fix the problem without removing the windscreen wiper motor from the car. Removal of the unit seems to be a horrendous nightmare, and I am told is virtually impossible even with the dash and heater assembliy removed.
I have pulled the plug on the wiper motor, and the option of cutting the wires and installing an auxiliary isolation switch somewhere under the dashboard seems an easy but dirty solution.

The work shop manual section on the relay is too complicated for me.

Col Wolf


Well-known member
Jan 28, 2002
Groton, CT. USA
1964 White Roadster
If you want to remove the motor for repair, it is pretty easy to do. Got mine out in about an hour without tearing the car apart.
I got to it from the passenger side by removing the glove box. It's a little tight but it can be done. First remove the nut holding the wiper arm mechanism, then there are 3 bolt that hold it onto the firewall.

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