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'79 - Intermittent Wiper Problem


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Jan 25, 2015
SE Missouri
1979 L82 Corvette Green
'79 with delay relay/module in the center console.

I'm loosing patience with my wipers.

Problem: Delay does not function--runs constantly at low speed in the "delay" switch position. Otherwise wipers and washers work exactly as specified.

My original wiper switch had a problem in the delay rheostat (sometimes working and sometimes not) so I bought a new replacement. Also replaced the control module with an "improved" version. Both parts from Ecklers.

Installed the new parts to exactly the same problem!

Found that the new switch was defective--the delay rheostat only works with the switch in the "off" position. Went back to my old switch (but with the new module) and verified that I had rheostat function at the control module itself. Still no delay operation!

I've checked, double-checked and triple-checked the wiring at the switch, the module and the motor and everything is correct with no indication of any problem to certainly include loose/dirty/defective connections of which I've found quite a few in this car. Removing the module stops all operation.

Is there something inside the washer motor itself that can cause this problem?

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