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73 before and after pictures


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Mar 16, 2006
Calgary, Alberta
1973 L82 4Spd-No power options
Well thought I would post a few pics of what has transpired so far in the quest to restore my Vette.
It is not an NCRS car but I am trying to keep it correct looking and have a safe reliable cruiser. Most of the work was performed in my home garage with decent assortment of tools.
Hope these pics provide inspiration for others that will be sure to follow!:smash:
RUST!! this is our enemy and probably caused the scrapping of many cars in earlier times :(


Dissassembly in progress

After several months of rebuilding components and sandblasting a replacement frame

I pulled the motor apart, it had been rebuilt in its past but sat for many years with old oil so I wanted to freshen it up with new rings, bearings, cam, intake & Exhaust Its a L 82 350 +.30


Engine compartment before

Today...almost ready to fire for the first time


echh nasty rust :(



much better now




Right after pulling the body off and i'm thinking have I bitten off a bit too much?


This looks a bit better!
I ordered most of my parts from Corvette Central on the start to finish plan...The online ordering was TOO easy and I had to ban myself from the pc at times. The heavier parts like brake rotors and steering parts I purchased locally.
Some of the parts purchased were Stainless brake& fuel lines, 2.5" Exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers, rebuild kits/gasket sets for trans, steering box, rear end, Energy Suspension poly bushings, VP&B 460lb front springs, Front & Rear Addco sway bars, KYB Gas shocks, new Rotors, BFG TA 255-60-15 tires and tons of other bits and pieces

Day before drop and Body on checklist is taped to windshield...check all fasteners, bolt placement for crossmember, parking brake pully etc...good thing I did because they were in wrong.

It is sure nice working on this stuff with the body off. I had to replace the header reinforcement due to rust...piece of cake in this position

Actuators were in good shape so I just replaced dust boots. I found the repo seals were not as heavy gauge as OEM so I left the originals in until they fail..

pretty grungy under here...ran well but things are getting tired like clutch and suspension pieces

Revitalized!, anxious to see what this mouse motor will do

Damm! I think I found Ms Belvedere!!

Amazing what some elbow grease and a sandblaster will do

This is what a damp west coast climate will do (Vancouver)


Now I'm going to be afraid of driving it in the rain!



I haven't shown any body/interior pics as that will be next winters restoration project....now its time to enjoy the fruit of my effors and gette some Vette waves in for the Summer!:)
good job how long did it take?

I have had the car 2 years this month, I spent the first 6 months gathering manuals, researching body off restos and redoing my garage in preparation for the project. Body came off Oct 2006 and I started it for the first time this weekend, figure I have another month or so before its on the road
Super job. We are proud of you.
Very :cool !


(Here is a wave from over here!)
Great photos. You're doing a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Thanks for sharing with the photos - looks great and I hope you have it and enjoy the vette for many years. One suggestion, on your next oil change, get rid of that fram oil filter (read the threads on oil filters) and switch to one that the CACers have found to work best. Keep up the great work and let us see more pics when finally done.
Wow! N-I-C-E resto job! It's great that you have the pictures and probably the receipts so you can get your car insured for it's now proper value.

How was it firing it up for the first time? did you just kinda sit there in the car and go "Ahhhhhhh! :D"
I get like that after any major rebuild or just after the winter months. I sit and just take in the sounds and smells....and a big grin creeps across my face!

Looks terrific - very nice work! :)

I would, however, recommend ditching the add-on fuel filter and rubber hoses - it's a fire hazard. Don't see the fuel vapor return line either.

How was it firing it up for the first time? did you just kinda sit there in the car and go "Ahhhhhhh! :D"
absolutely!!, its a great feeling when the car has been stripped to bare frame and motor torn down to bare block and you reassemble it over a year....then the big moment comes to turn the key and your mind is racing wondering if you forgot to torque something or did I remember to check that part.....then after a few cranks Vrooom.....no leaks, no knocks, exhaust sealed.. ...then Ahhhhh:D:D:upthumbs
Awesome job Howard, love all the pictures. You need to list your man hours and cost now. LOL

Nice Job

your pics caught my eye because I have what appears to be an identical car. 73 L-82, 4-spd, blue-green metallic, medium saddle interior. only power option is windows. My chassis is not is as bad a shape as yours appreared to be before you started. I don't have any rust issues, but I sure wish my chassis looked like yours does now!! I just can't stay out of mine long enough to put her down for a big job like that. Mine is all original except for a mediocre repaint done by a previous owner. Great work, thanks for sharing.
Wow, looks great. Nice work!

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