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74 No brakes after hose repair



I had to replace a rear brake hose, I refilled the resevoir.....and bled both the rear brakes, but I still have no pedal? Whats up? I have the Delco Moraine calipers as typical for this year. Any suggestions?
Calling all disc Brake specialist

I know we had a lengthy thread on disc brake bleading a while back. I'm sure someone will come to the rescue or at least remember where the thread is.

Thanks 59Tom, Jack and Vette Fixer, Looks like I was doing it all wrong. Its great to have you guys to help out. This is my first C3, I got rid of the '84 C4...had too many electrical problems with that beast. But, this C3 is sure different, I LOVE THIS CAR!:beer


This is my Baby here:t
74 no brakes after

Nice pic of your baby Riko. Hope you get your brakes fixed, ok. :) :w
Picture Taking mood Memorial Weekend !

Thanks Dorothy, I took that pic this a.m. 5-27-01, it had just rained too. Guess I woke up in a picture taking mood this a.m.:t

Y'all have a great Memorial Weekend.

Hey Riko,

It looks like you and I have similar taste. Check out the attached pic of my 74. BTW, what part of H-town are you in?

There's little question in my mind that the rear of the system probably still has a lot of air in it. One thing you must do when bleeding the C3 rear is jack the back of the car up pretty high to eliminate some air traps.

Most of the time with C2/3 disc brakes, if you open the system to air (ie: change a hose) and don't plug connection on the frame while you do the switch, all or most of the fluid in the end of the system on which you work will drain. Generally, the other side of the system, in this case the fronts, should remain reasonably free of air but, nevertheless, still needs to be bled.

From a bleeding standpoint, the task is much more difficult if one side of the master cylinder is dry. While you can fully bleed the stsystem manually, it's very difficult. Bleeding a dry system is much easier with a pressure bleeder.

There is a great deal of in-depth information in servicing C2/C3 disc brakes see: http://www.idavette.net/hib/BBfHInet12.htm and
Brakes working now!!

Thanks for all the help you guys have given me, we gravity bled the brakes this a.m, then beld them again....they were full of air!

Im just getting started in the C3 vettes, after a bad experience with owning a 84 C4. You guys are great !:Twist This will be a long restoration I am sure, the car is in pretty rough shape....but it looks good ! I chose the early 70's because they are pretty basic cars. I will keep you guys posted as the project progresses.

Thanks again.


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