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'76 with problems


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Nov 2, 2000
The Land of Enchantment
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A buddy of mine just bought a '76 shark with a re-built 350 in it. The car was bought from a guy in Oregon, where there are no emmision restrictions. And now it wont pass emmisions in Washngton. The carbonmonoxide levels at idle are too high. Everything else passes fine. Any suggestions?

I'm fighting the same battle.
MSD ignition
Disconnect the EGR (if it has one)
Loosen the clamp right after the muffler to bleed out some exhaust and pull in some air.
Buy or borrow an air/fuel meter and lean out the carb
Disconnect the pipe from the valve covers to the air cleaner.
Weld a fitting into the exhaust system and mount an air pump temporarily to pump some air into the exhaust.
Make sure the car is hot when going through inspection. Change the thermostat if necessary.
Mix some methenol in with the gas
Bring a hundred dollar bill with you. :)

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