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81' Dash and Rear tray restoration questions.

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Nov 14, 2002
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Hi all,
Just a quick couple of questions here...I have and 81 vette w/ 42k original miles on it. It is silver w/ oyster interior. Question is, the dash insert on the top is a black color..which looks a little faded..what do you guys recommend to redo the color back to the original black color. Also, the black plastic peices in the rear tray..are a little weathered. Live in texas, so probably some UV abuse..they are an off color black now..would like to get it back to original black color. What do you all recommend..any info would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!!

Joe..peace <*)))><
Joe..... send "Ken" a primate message or email on the CAC. He used some black dye on his C4 that was fantastic. I don't remember the name and it is not expensive.

Hope this helps...................... Nut
I did mine when the windshield was out for replacement. made the job much easier! I don't recall what vinyl dye I used, but can tell you that there was 20+ years of Armour-All and no telling what else on there. I spent most of my time prepping. I pulled the rear tray out to do that, and had the same issues with prepping. Even when I thought it was ready, the spray fisheyed in a couple spots and I had to start over. Twice! :hb
Prepping materials to be painted

Chris, how did you go about prepping the rear tray and dash areas for the application of the dye...Thanks!

Joe.. peace <*)))><
I used a product called Krud Kutter (home depot, lowes, etc), followed by prep-sol, which is a solvent based cleaner/degreaser. Most of the time was spent with the 'krud' stuff. It's pretty tough getting all the silicone based stuff removed, as it embeds itself in the pores. Body shops just love those silicone based "paint sealers".. :(

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