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Help! 82 Corvette left lamp does not go all the way up or down!


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Apr 30, 2013
Brooksville, FL
1981 Burgandy coupe, 1982 bright red coupe
I have changed the actuators, activators, all hoses from light switch to actuators and the light switch. The left light comes up about 1 inch and then will not go down. According to the Assembly Manual everything is hooked up right. The right lamp works perfectly. I am stymied. Has anyone else run across this problem? If so what did you do to fix it? One last note the car has been sitting for 10+ years.

Thanks in Advance,

The most common cause is a severe vacuum leak somewhere in the system, possibly nowhere near the headlights. Keeping in mind that all vacuum operated systems aside from ignition advance are on the same 'circuit' even a leak inside the cabin on the HVAC controls will affect everything else.

Changing components at random rarely works and gets expensive very fast. Start at the intake manifold and work along each vacuum line isolating each component and line ensuring that full engine vacuum is available. Note also that the system is designed to maintain vacuum for a day or so after the engine is shut down. If yours loses vacuum almost immediately as most now do, this indicates the severity of the leak.
Hey dawhite and welcome to the Forum.. :CAC

Maybe this little link may help:

Vacuum Troubleshooting

For me it showed me where each piece fits into the chain. Start at the manifold and make sure you have pressure all the way to the front..

(Mods: If not ok to post the link, let me know or feel free to remove the link)..

Man, dawhite I know where you are coming from. Have a 78 only it was the reverse, The problem was with the right. So, I am reading this and reading that, trying to determine what I am going to do and then everything started functioning properly. I can not believe it is going to last so let me know what develops.

Great article 82ColEd. Dawhite, I googled it and found another article along the lines of the one 82ColEd pointed out.

Probably won't help but my 78 owners manual explains a method to raise and lower the headlight from underneath without the car running , might be able to see if anything is frozen at all. Then again, maybe your year vette does not offer that feature, just a thought. Good Luck :)

I am sure that doesn't stop you from experiencing the thrill...ride on.:beer
:mad Guess I need to read and find out when the post was posted huh? I imagine dawhite has his vacuum figured out by now.:w
:mad Guess I need to read and find out when the post was posted huh? I imagine dawhite has his vacuum figured out by now.:w
Dont worry Bid D, at least this was only this year.. We have had 3-4-5 Year old Threads resurrected before.. :chuckle


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