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84 intake manifold



Hello to everyone

Has anyone any imput on Pat Oeny's X-Ram. Or are there any other intake manifolds that would work better on an 84 crossfire.

Thank-you Dave
Welcome to CAC.

I am very partial to the TPiS miniram. It can be bolted in place of the cross fire. The additional breathing capacity will blow your mind. It is like stealing a ZR-1 and squeezing it under your hood.
Thanks for the info any computer mod to accomplish this
Let me know if you replace the manifold on your 84. I'm looking for a CF for my 84.

Mine is currently carburated. (Don't ask)

VTvette said:
Thanks for the info any computer mod to accomplish this

Yeah on the 84 X-fire there is a bunch of changes required.. the Engine harness being changed or modified along with changing the ECM.

The Miniram is a bolt on for the 85-91 TPI cars.

I have no info on the Xram though :(
I saw a brand new crossfire manifold on Ebay motors Under corvette parts just today.
Oh yah, the wire harness would have to be changed as well. Forgot to mention that.

There are dozens of ways to handle this though.

This is not the budget alternative.

The manifold will bolt up, but you would have to custom build the plumbing and wire harness.

I saw an 84 in Kissimmee this last year with the miniram installed. It looked very nice and professional. You would have to ad about $1,000 to the conversion though for injectors, harness, and updated computer.

Sorry for not giving more details.
Check this out

I've been thinking about changeing to an x-ram, but have decided to keep the 84 stock (it being the ONLY year of the C4 crossfire) and spend my money on a ZR1. That being said, Check this X-ram link out
Thanks everyone for the info. Glad I joined this site. Spring is coming ,but not soon enough.I'll keep you tuned in on future upgrades.

I have an X-ram on my 84. It was on there when I got it, so I have no imput on how difficult it is or what kind of added power you get.

I happened to run into Pat's son a few months back. He's the one who actually designed the x-ram. He told me they are working on a new version. It will have much higher airflow and also include all the emissions stuff. When I talked to him they were a year or two away from releasing it, but it may be worth the wait. They are also working on new high flow injectors too.

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