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84 Right Headlight Won't Open


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Mar 30, 2005
Chicago, Illinois
1984 Brilliant White Coupe, Targa Top
Lights turn on but rt headlight will not rotate open. I can hear the motor try to move but nothing.

thanks in advance, Kevin
first things first make sure nothing stoping in (something caught maybe a little twig) if that's fine maybe a gear is the problem is it making a clicking noise
No twig, no gear grinding noise. Sounds normal but no movement...

If nothings hanging it the only 2 possibilities i can think of is bad motor or messed up gear the original gears in c4s are plastic. I found a great video on youtube but im on a new tablet idk how to highlight link lol, but if u google c4 corvette headlight repair then it will be the top video.

I just realized that he was working on a 94 sry man but it may help u or someone else anway idk if there were any changes from 84-94 but I did see that the guy in the video had a replacement metal gear so if this is the problem i'd opt to spend the extra $$$ if I was u hope I helped
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If nothings hanging it the only 2 possibilities i can think of is bad motor or messed up gear
Did you read the links about headlights I posted????

it appears 84-88 is different from later model c4s.
Which is why I posted a link to a headlight repair ( with pictures ) of the early style headlight seeing the OP stated

" 84 Right Headlight Won't Open "
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yeah veeteoz I looked at it. That's what I meant by they were different. Good luck Jacob.

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