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88 Vette Slave Cylinder


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Mar 11, 2005
1988 Red Coupe
Has anyone ever managed to retrofit some kind of a dust boot to the slave cylinder for an 84 to 88 vette or has anyone created an adaptation
of a later model year slave that has a dust boot as standard equipment.

The 88 with its 4+3 transmission has a different bell housing than later transmissions and as such does not directly accomodate a later model slave cylinder.

I am getting premature failure of the slave cylinder probably due to clutch dust entering the transmission
side of the cylinder. This I believe is taking out the seal. Clutch fluid is making its way out the push rod side
of the assembly and also allowing air to be drawn back into the cylinder causing intermittant clutch operation.

The clutch pedal went from a hard pedal immediately after bleeding to no pedal pedal pressure on subsequent
pedal actuation. After investigation I noted that fluid was present in the bore on the fork rod side of the cylinder.

This particular slave cylinder was purchased new a few months ago from a local parts distributor.

It seems possible to me that I ended up with a rebuilt cylinder with the seal installed in reverse.


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