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In preperation for the engine work I am going to do over the Christmas holidays, I am taking all the small parts & brackets to get powdercoated. The question I have is, will they (especially the A/C brackets) work with headers? Spacing wise it looks like switching to headers will throw the brackets off and they may not clear. Does anyone have any experience with this? Also, if they will not work, does anyone make aftermarket brackets that will work on the Corvette with headers? I know March and plenty of others make aftermarket brackets, but most things I have read talk about the special spacing on the Corvette with the brackets. I could sure use some help here. I dont want to powdercoat a bracket I will have to replace. If it doesnt work, I need to drop back and punt on the header idea. I will not get rid of the A/C for headers. Not with Texas summers. Please help.and the new

I don't know if this info will help you at all, but Hedman does make a special bracket for Corvettes that have an axial style A/C compressor. My '79 has a radial A/C compressor and, included with the Hedman HTC Headers that I purchased, was instructions for how to modify the lower rear bracket on a radial compressor so it will fit. '79's must have had extra compressor bracing because after I inspected all of the other bracing holding the compressor in place, I just left the lower rear one off. Most header companies just say " modification of existing brackets may be required", whatever that means. I'm sure the part would work for pretty much any header you decide to buy. You could always return the part if it didn't work.


I forgot to mention,you can go to Hedman's website "hedman.com" and get the very part number that you may need.

Could I get an idea on how many of you have gone to aftermarket pulleys (March, etc...) and was the swap worth the money?

I can get the full March underdrive pulley set from Summit for $225, or I could just get my pulleys powdercoated.

Does anyone have experence with this?
Redmist has done the full swap including a/c. It looks very nice. I have had back luck with the long term durability of March Performance Pulleys and the general quality on the LT-1 conversions.
Interesting. So, even through they look great (and I cant debate that and I love the look), the durability is an issue. Well, with all I have spent right in front of Christmas powdercoating would be much less expensive and I would have the durability of the stock steel units. I have a ton of stuff to take to be coated, dropping them into the mix would cost me almost nothing. I think I will stick with the stock units. Now, what color to coat them?:D

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