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After market exhausts



I recently purchased a 1994 covertible and I love it except for the "buick sounding" factory exhaust. Suggestions for an after market cat-back system would be greatly appreciated.


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The Power Effects exhaust system has been rated highly in magazine test comparisons. They have a link on our <a href="../parts.html">Parts and Accessories</a> page under Exhausts.
Welcome StevieRay!

Vaughn? ;)

So yer lookin' for an exhaust system, eh? Well I'm sure you're gonna get a lot of response here. :D

I like my "Side Effects" system. It's cat-back and fifty-state legal; not as loud as the earlier side exhaust systems, yet still delivering the rumble I like, while allowing you to hear the radio and carry on a normal conversation if you prefer while cruising at speed.
They also sound GREAT at WOT. :J

Check it out at:
Lawrence Keech Ent.
I have a B & B 3" cat-back on my GS. while the performance is ok, the exhaust resonates really bad between 1500-2000 RPM, to the point it is almost impossible to talk

I don't have a C4 but I vote for the Side Effects. It is amazing how much they look like they grew on 87's car. If I had a C4 that would be my 1st mod.
p.s. I hope you didn't see how I misspelled your name before I got back to edit it. :eek:

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after market exhaust


I'm running a Dynomax cat back system and mufflers on my '86 convt. Owned it for 4 years and 20,000mi with nary a problem. It's an affordable system that is louder than stock but, but not as good sounding as a "power effects" system or side pipes. I've driven a Vet with a Flowmaster system and that was really resonant inside. The Dynomax with the top up can be fairly annoying but with the top down is quite tolerable.

In my persuit for performance I've added headers by Arizona Speed and Marine and eliminated the 2 precats prior to the main cat. Now it sounds like I want it to, is legal (passed the sniff test") and has improved performance. At WOT it is down right scarey.

If you find in your travels, an internet site that has recordings of muffler sounds, let me know. There are a good number of systems that I'd like to hear like Corsa, Borla or Targa.

Like shopping for a stereo system, exhaust rumble has got to sound good to you. Happy hunting.

Stevieray I have Corsa Exhaust I love the sound. This is very easy to instal l It is worth looking into.l
Flowmaster !! this is the exhust system that sounds the best and produces the most
torque, I've heard them all in the business I'm in. If that's not enough, there priced less
then the others. There is a small resonance at about 3000 rpm. They make the car sound
like a Corvette, not like the pop corn systems that are available. (names withheld to protect
inferior) :)

Exhausting question on C-4 exhausts

One word: "CORSA"
In my opinion, you can't beat the Corsa System for Cat-Back performance and ease of installation!
Lifetime Warranty also! ( all stainless steel )
Sound is Awesome :D
better than my old "muffler eliminators"
You will like it.
exhaust sounds

Try www.borla.com for sounds for systems. You will have to down load the free shockwave sound but they'll run the sound of a few systems for your car.
on my vette i have flow master mufflers. It has a low, loud powerful sound. and at 3,000 RPM's and above it sounds like a ferrari. It doesn't sound like a muscle car. Everyone loves and notices it.
I get compliments on my flow masters all the time
I agree with FastGlass--CORSA. It makes a Vette sound like it should have from the factory. No tinny sound, just a good, solid powerful note. A friend and I removed the system from my 96 and installed the CORSA in 1.2 hours! It just goes together too well.
You won't go wrong with this system.

Corsa c4 exhaust

I have found a corsa c4 exhaust system at thelapd.com for $749..has anyone installed this system on a 1994...and what are your thoughts?
Corsa sound files

Thank you...I am now sold...

Good job Graham, Thats worth a thousand words!
I like the stock vs. Corsa in "exterior idle" sound comparison the best.
I just got Dynomax Mufflers on mine I love em they rumble Real nice but not to loud but they also put out 1133CFM!! Borla can only do around 850 and flowmaster like 350-450 thats why I bought them and Id never look back (On the Negative note they cost me a arm and a leg) :eyerole
Yeah I thought you folks would get a kick out of that. Not quite like sitting next to the car but you get the idea. I heard another recording someone else did and it sounds about the same. Good sounding system. I'm sold too. I'm just torn between doing the ring & pinion change first or second. Definetly want the Corsa system though. Very few of them have figured out how to remove that annoying droning sound from the cabin at low rpms. Seems like Corsa figured it out quite well.
If you check on Yahoo and a couple of other places they sell the Corsa for about $800 sometimes. Best price I've seen so far.
The best value in C4 cat-backs is the Flowmaster. It combines a reasonable performance increase (usually 6-10 hp on an LT1) with great pricing and killer sound.

Now if you want to spend more money there is a little more power to be gained over the Flowmasters with the Power Effects or the B&B Triflo. I should add that the extra power from Power Effects comes only if the bypass valves are set wide-open. The Power Effects wide open and the B&B are quite loud.

Borla C4 systems don't offer a significant performance advantage over Flowmaster but they do cost a lot more by virtue of the stainless steel construction.

I haven't tested the Corsa C4 system but a fair amount of C4 owners use it and have positive feedback.

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