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aftermarket intakes worth it?



I notice that edelbrock has some performer series intakes at a really reasonable price (under 150 bucks) are they worth the trouble? Are they hard to install? Any "tricks"?
I have headers & went with the 600 edelbrock (as per advised) Is there any immediate gains felt with a new intake (personal experiances maybe?)
Again, I know not to expect to keep up with Zs & TAs (not with this motor anyway) But every little bit helps.
What headers did you go with?

Did you stay stock on the rest of the exhaust?

I'm going to get an L88 hood and get the performer air gap intake
I have a similar setup. I installed the Edelbrock Vortec Performer intake with the swap to my vortec heads. Even if it does not offer any performance gain, it sure looks better than my old and very heavy Q-jet intake. I am running with a Carter 625cfm carb which is about the same as your E'brock 600. I also installed Dynomax headers. The car runs very smooth with good performance. The lower part of the engine needs a rebuild before I can really tell what I am dealing with. And to answer one of your questions, it is very easy to install an intake manifold. Good luck.


Chevy non egr is better than Chevy egr. Non egr Performer 2101 or Weiand Action are good for about 15.
When you get serious change cam & intake to get your car to run like a CORVETTE !


The Edel. cam 2102 pkg. is not enough cam for a L-48 auto. Corvette even if it's a girl's car.

Whether you're buying the best gaskets or run of the mill ones, always make sure the material doesn't interfere with the ports. A little time taken to match them up will help you realize the intake's full potential.
Big raspberry!

Originally posted by Ganey:

even if it's a girl's car

Implying that women don't enjoy performance as much as you?:t
Maybe all women don't, but enough do. :D

I agree that changing the cam along with everything else so everything meshes and works well together will give you the best results, but you can get good, satisfying results with only modifying the top end if you don't want to tear the entire engine down.
Get Dynomax coated headers which fit & flow great. Headers, duals w/ crossover & low restriction mufflers like Dynomax rec.!

My question is this:
Will these components bolt on :)
or do I need to get some welding
done? :mad

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