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aftermarket seat + seat computer?

Jun 1, 2015
I recently bought an 2003 Z06 and replaced the factory driver's seat with a Corbeau evolution X. So far I really like the seat and the install was pretty straight forward. I was told to take the computer off the the factor seat and plug it in, tucked under the new seat. I did that but now I'm getting codes from the SCM (seat Control Module). I'm wondering if I should just take out the computer. The codes are just annoying and I'd like to keep them from coming up if I can. Note: I left the seat belt sensor wiring unplugged as advised and have had no issues with there.

Has anyone here put in aftermarket seats like a Corbeau, Sparco or other in their C5? If so, did you plug the computer back in or leave it out. Did you have any issues either way (with computer or without)? Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

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