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Aluminum Valve Cover Torque #'s?



My Haynes manual only list one set of torque specs for a C3, which I'm assuming are for the standard stamped steel valve covers that came standard on L-48's. Haynes lists 45 inch/lbs as the correct amount.

I'm looking for the torque numbers for the cast aluminum valve covers that came standard with the L-82 HiPo motor. I'm assuming the numbers will be slightly less, but want to be sure not to over torque them.

Anyone got a clue?


I think it is really cool that you are taking the time to get every last detail worked out. I have never paid attention to the valve cover torque, and usually just use a 1/4" drive wratchet to snug them down. Have not broken one yet.

I think the main trick is to go around them several times as it settles on the head and into the gasket. It is amazing how you will feel like one is good, move on to the other three, and come back to find the first one loose.

Good luck, I hope somebody here has your exact answer.

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