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And another thing: Got any roll bar padding for ragtop bars?


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Dec 30, 2002
Dallas County, Texas
'75 Modified Red Ragtop: "LEFTLN"
OK, look, I know I have a fathead, but does it have to be a flathead on the front and back every time I hit a bump?


I've looked everywhere and the smallest stuff I can find is 1.5". Not to mention it's a good 0.75" thick! It does have to clear the ragtop part...) I looked at pipewarmer type things, which were about the right inner diameter, but they are also too thick. Anything with that kind of thickness would have to be asymmetrical and rotate freely for when the top is put up.

Seriously, I've taken to unlatching the rear bar from it's locked position to a few inches rearward to not lose anymore greymatter on potholes.

If I can't find any, I guess ultimately I'll leatherwrap it or something to make the collisions a little less bonecrushing....but that seems like a lot of work for a little payoff.
It will be tricky because you have very little play room to put something around there without messing up the fit of the top.

Keep us posted on your progress there. I don't have the problem since I am under 6' tall, but I know what you are talking about.
I'm only 5'6.75"!!!

...and don't you forget that 0.75"!!! :)

...but I'm also humongously fat: fat gut, fat back, fat every thing except butt...

...and I have the late C3 style seats, not the originals, which I believe as well as being a little thinner are a little higher.

Yeah I need to work on this or I'm going ot hurt something unimportant.... :)

I've never had the seat anywhere except max up, back and angled back. (Driver is electric, sort of...)
Well then you must look into dropping some C4 seats in there. That may be where I get the little extra head room. I am not Mr. Skinny myself.

In fact, I have a cool small racing steering wheel I plan on playing with to see if I can make it fit the car so that it will be easier to get in and out when I am parked in tight spaces.

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