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I would think they would physically fit (size wise). But I am not sure if the electrical fittings will work. Do you currently have "Sport seats"? (The ones with the controls on the thigh bolster) Or are they standard seats (electric or manual). Are the seats you are considering "Sport Seats", (the ones with asymetrical stitching on the cushions) and if they are Sport seats do you intend to make all the features of the seat work? Lots of questions to answer before an answer can be given I would think.

Bolting up, yes I would say they will bolt in. Will they work as designed? Probably not without some work.
I have standard seats now. I am talking the 96 sport seat because they seem bigger and more comfortable. I know they may not hook up but I will have to deal with that. I am sure somehow that can be done. ( I hope). Is the sill the same hieght on the 96 as on the 92 ??? Andy
I'm pretty sure that the sill height is the same on all years of the C4 generation. I am sure that the problem in hooking up the electrics on the 96 sport seat, will be in the controls. On sport seats earlier than 94 those controls were in the thigh bolster of the seat itself. in 94 -96 the controls were put in the console. You will need to find that plate with the controls and then run the wiring, etc. I am sure it can be done, the point I was making is this; It''s not a straight unbolt the old, bolt in the new project. It is going to take all the right parts and some work on your part.

Good luck with the swap, I'm sure that you can do it.
Thanks, I think I am going to try. Do you agree that the 96 seats are more comfortable and make it easier to get in and out?
Thanks, I think I am going to try. Do you agree that the 96 seats are more comfortable and make it easier to get in and out?

Without a doubt easier to get in and out of......comfortable? I really like the way those earlier seats give you the lateral support. But that same lateral support is what makes them a pain to get in and out of.
You are going to need the switch for the seat position, the switch for the lumbar controls and the plate that holds them to the console. In addition there is a specific wiring harness that controls both seats' position and bladder inflation.

I am not sure if the '94-96 plate fits into the '92 console. The power seat bases are the same for all C4s. There is a motor in the passenger seat base that inflates the bladders on both. The harness must be routed under the carpet branching from the console. There are 2 power connections, one for the seat control and the other for the bladders.

I went from standard to sport in my '96. The standard seats were very comfy, but the 5 air bladders really make it conform.

Good luck!

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