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Anybody going to Bowling Green in May?



Anyone from tNew England area want to cruise down together?

I'm on the wrong coast from you, but I am planning on making an apperance at BG in May. The GSR is co-hosting the event so I figure if I'm going to make it to one of these things it might as well be one where GS's are in the spot light. Hope to see you there.

Also, could you reduce the size of your pic in your signature? I am religated to a dial up connection most of the time, and while I love to see large pics of beautiful Corvettes, they realy slow down the loading of the page. If you need assistance in shrinking the photo, Rare81 seems to be the official "pic shrinking moderator". Just drop him a line and I'm sure he will be more than happy to help out.
If I buy a Vette by that time, count me in.....otherwise:)(), bring back some good photos for me.


Please reduce the size of the picture of your Vette in your signature file please. Thanks.
We'll be at the Gathering in May. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Had loads of fun before and this year should be even better, provided I don't blow the engine one week before the event like I did last year! :) Will be driving the WildThing (GS #633) up with the rest of the Florida contingent of skunks, ZR-1's, and 93 rubies. Anxiously looking forward to playing at Beech Bend this year.

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