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Anyone interesting in a trade?


That's funny though Sal, before I got the Vette, I was thinking of getting a Cadillac. :D
Well that figures! Hah! Ahh. What am I gonna do. I love the Caddy. It's got lots of power and turns heads all over the place. But, I just feel bad hitting the gas. It's not meant for that and I find myself driving very slow even when I'm in a rush. I do get a little fun in, though. I've heard many times that you should clear your carbon once per week with the Northstar engine. So, I figure every 2 weeks would be fine. So, I find an instigator and hit the gas hard twice a month. That's my fun! Otherwise, nothing but 2000 rpms and under. If I had a Vette, I'd be more prone to drive with a little aggression. And that's the real me...

Anyways. Anyone looking for a really classy car that turns lots of heads and is very comfortable to drive, this is a great car. It's a great Winter car as well. I never got stuck in the snow - and we had lots of snow this past Winter. Anyone from Long Island, New York could tell ya that. :)
Not that this helps you with trading but...

I just saw a relatively new caddy today. An STS. It had a bizzare paint job and blacked out windows. It was actually a County Sheriff car! It had been apparently converted for police duty.

Now the funny part...on the back bumper stenciled in large letters it read. CAR SEIZED FROM DRUG DEALERS ;-)

So the cops got a nice cruiser and it didn't raise our taxes :)

Wow. Somebody's lucky to be driving that for their job. :)

I just thought I'd bump this up. Still looking for a trade.
Seized Caddy

Our Sheriff Office is in the process of trying to nab a drug dealer and seize his C4 to use as a D.A.R.E. car. Cool car, I asked them to see me whenever they obtain it for maintenance info...I'll direct them to CACC.
Another note, I wonder if this C4 is the one I saw in the grocery store parking lot, parked next to and spoke to it's owner....:eek
One of the CID (crim. investig. dept.) guys asked to use/borrow my 78 to make a drug buy...and I told him I didn't want my Vette associated with anything drug related. I want to think he was kidding me...but I'm afraid he may have been serious! I wonder if most law enforcement think that Vette owners are drug dealers!? Rather disheartening, but I'm sure drug money finds its way to purchasing sports cars, too.
ps Sal, nice caddy...but my C3 is older than you're looking for. I wouldn't trade her for anything, anyways. Good luck!
Thanks. Hey, show them this thread. Okay? I think the Caddy would make a better 'drug car' than a Vette. It's more 'pimpy' in my opinion. :)

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