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Anyone looking to spend cash??


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Oct 14, 2001
Wasilla, Alaska, U.S.A.
'77 L-82, black on black. Full mod 406 small block
Hello All,
I was surfing around looking at some of my hot rod links and ran across this one. It may interest quite a few of you. They are spendy, but look promising. Has anyone ever bought, used or know someone with these heads?? If I could talk with anybody having experience and/or knowledge about them, they may end up on my next motor. Have fun with the eye candy!!

That's the first I've seen 'em, Brian. Funny, they are located here in SoCal (I recognize the street and area code) but they don't include the city in the address at their web site. :L

I saw these pop up on Eaby a couple of days ago. The opening bid is at $3500, but I bet the reserve is higher. Man, that's a lot of extra power on the small block. How in the hell would my poor tranny live with all that hp and my lead foot? Snapping half-shafts should be fairly easy. I guess I don't have to worry about it though, since I can't squeeze my wallet anymore. :eyerole On the other hand, a supercharger would be nice, too.--Bullitt
Interesting but not a new idea, in the 70`s I had a Triumph that had the same set-up. Although the cam was in the head it had 4 valves per cylinder and a pair of valves were opened and shut from one cam lobe thru a fork arrangement similar to what they are using.

It looks like a nice piece of kit and has impressive numbers over the stock heads, I would be intersted to know what aftermarket heads they ran them against.

If you dig around on their website, you will find that most of the comparing was done with Brodix heads. Brodix are sweet heads, pricy as well. I ended up with some AFR's on my 406. AFR had the best numbers in the flow department, and they were backed up by my parts guy. Mike Stark, parts guy, has a flow bench and is not brand loyal. He uses what ever works best, and is constantly sampling everyones stuff. I trust his reviews, and the numbers he gave me, beat the numbers AFR posted on themselves! I am looking at these heads for a future race engine. They are not very practical for low rpm daily driving. From what I saw, they don't start making massive power until your around 7000-8000 rpm range. That might be different if you popped in a another cam designed to build low rpm power, aka. rv style cam. I wrote their tech guys, and I am waiting for a reply. I will keep you posted. But they are pretty sweet, aren't they!!

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