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ATN:Central Jersey-'69 427 Inspection Needed



Hi all.I am the proud owner of my 1st vette:A '69 427.I am looking for someone in the Central NJ area who can inspect my car to ensure that it has the parts that were represented to me.Willing to pay.Any takers?

Congrats on the purchase and welcome to CACC. I don't know how many of our members are in your area, but we can keep refreshing this thread as needed until somebody bites.

Tell us more about this car. Any pictures. Maybe with a good set of photos and description you can get a virtual on line inspection to at least get you started in the right direction.

When you say L88 clone, does that mean the engine is cloned to the last detail as well...........man that would be cool.

Hi Jim,

I am from Monmouth County in New Jersey and there is a place called Corvette Country located in Lakewood that has a good reputation. I belive they are located on COunty Line Rd. in Lakewood. Good luck and let me know how you make out.
Merry Xmas
Thanks for the tip;I'll give them a call.
Have a great holiday season.
Welcome Jim,

Are you the one that emailed me from the NCRS board inquiring about the L88 hood decals I have? We had a problem with the electronic brain a couple weeks ago and I lost everything that wasn't backed up.

Welcome, Jim.

I see from the NCRS site that there is a Central NJ NCRS Chapter. Also, you could purchase the NCRS judging manual for your year. Hope this helps.


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