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Bad idle


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
Okay, my 88 is occasionally prone to bad idle. I will slow down for a red light, but when I step on the gas, the RPM's drop below 1000 and you hear this "bogging" sound.

I have a few theories:

1. Bad spark plug(s)
2. Clogged fuel injector(s)
3. Bad MAF

I do use premium gas and always warm the coolant temp. to at least 150 before I drive.

I replaced the O2 sensor a few months ago and noticed a instant improvement in throttle response, but it didn't solve the idle problem.

If the MAF went bad, wouldn't I get a "service engine soon"???? That light would come on at 70 MPH+ before I changed the O2, but hasn't happened since so I'm assuming that the O2 sensor isn't the problem.
Check Engine??//

Light on...codes? Clean IAC??
Sometimes the device is question is BAD technically
but not bad enough to throw a code.

So try the following.
Pull the wires out of the MAF sensor (Key Off)
Tape the wires out of the way.

See if that straightens out the BOG problem.

Drive the car.
This will light the check engine light...force the ECM to run open loop.If it does buy a new MAF sensor.. ( disconnect the battery ) reinstall, Clean the IAC while your there ( Buy new hoses for the throttle body water supply while your down that far & Throttle body gasket)

You stated the engine idles at around 1000 rpm...that's to high! Something else is wrong as well...Check vac lines.

Let us know


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