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Anyone got any info on the BB402? Was it ever put into a Vette? Reason I ask, and I know this isn't really the forum for it, is because I have a 1972 Suburban with a BB402 (all #'s match) with a TH400, and noone seems to have any real info, other than it was a really rare motor (detuned .032 bored over BB396). Any info is greatly appreciated.



The 402 was the the BB option in the trucks in '71 and'72. I think '70 also but may have been called a 396. The '70 Chevelle SS396 was actually a 402. Obviously not the same state of tune as the pickups. One of Chevy's little secrets. Not all that rare and never used in a Corvette. In '70 Impalas you could get a 400 2bbl or a 400 4bbl. The 2 bbl carb was the 400 small block and the 4bbl carb was the 402 BB. Both used the same fender badge.


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