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(Newbie) 2000 frc production numbers?


Jun 9, 2024
South haven mi
2000 frc
I just bought a new to me 2000 frc. Its red with black interior and highly optioned like hud etc.I think it would be in my best interest to figure out actual production numbers as the car is already a very low number car. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. I looked at a lot of the info is here i just may not understand it 100%. Thanks ahead of time.
According to the "Corvette Black Book," there were 2090 FRCs built in 2000.
I wanted a much further breakdown i believe mine may be pretty rare. It has hud and dual climate controls.on fords there is a marti report or pontiac registry etc but what about a 2000 chevy?
The "Black Book" shows that there were 33,672 Corvettes in 2000.
26,482 got HUDs and 29, 428 got the dual zone air conditioning. Not rare.
We are talking of the 2060 or however many frc models where made in 2000 but thanks for your input this forum sucks

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