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Be Cool Radiator, what is this for?



Yeah I know what the radiator is for but my question is..... I just bought the aluminum radiator and the fans for it. I am looking to install it this weekend but I have a few details to work out.

1. With the fans came a "universal" mounting kit. It has 6 strips of metal with circular and rectangular slots cut in them and also with 6 bolts. What are the metal strips for? How do I use them to mount them? I don't really want to put any holes through the fins because something about paying $500 for something and having to butcher it does not make me feel to good. And its purdy. Oh I didn't buy the brackets from them because $80 is just to much!

2. Do I need to buy thier cap for it? Can I use the one I have already? $40 for their cap is just to much also.

3. Which mounting straps(the things that go through the radiator) should I use. I have heard don't use the plastic ones but just confirming it.

4. There are is an opening along the top and bottom of the fan shroud. I am think this is to relieve pressure across the fans. Basically so the fans don't overwork, or have to pull to hard as to not kill the motors. My engineering sense wants to seal up those openings so that all the air is pulled THROUGH the radiator and not around it. What do you think?


oh this was my cam and heads money, I figured there is no point spending money on an engine you can't cool properly.

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