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belt sqeak



I have a 1998 coupe and have a belt sqeaking. This was identified during my chevrolet inspection prior to my purchase. The sqeak has gotten more persistant. It drives me nuts to driving a american icon that sounds like a cat is stuck under my hood. I have replaced the main belts with new GM belts and the sqeak is still present. With my engine at idle I have noticed that my main crank shaft pulley has a slight wobble. Could this be the culpret of my sqeak? I have looked into see how hard it would be to get a socket on the center nut and try and snug down/straighten out the pulley. Not so easy with the steering rack in the way. Has anyone had the same problem? What was your fix?


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belt squeak fix

There are literally millions of cars with, "out of true" crank pulleys that are running on the road. Hardley ever do belts spit off these pulleys. The only right way to correct an out of true pulley, is to use a special tool to remove and replace the crank pulley. You true it, as it is is being reinstalled. There is so much "sideways give" in the belt's rubber, that it should not be of a worry.
The trick that seems to work for me is to... remove the belts, then take sandpaper and/or steel wool to the belt pulley surfaces. Rough up the pulley's shine. Remember kids in school that would kick the shinny wood floor with their sneakers? They'd sound like a 4 speed trans changing gears, squealing down the hall to the next classroom! Same principal. Never attempt to sandpaper the pulleys with the engine running!! Removing and replacing the belts take a few hours. Removing fingers is for a lifetime.


Thanks for your input! I'm prettt proficient in belt removeal due to I'm in the process of replacing my water pump. With all the front engin equipment removed, i'm going to put a socket on my pulley nut and make sure that is snug tight. I will try your sand paper/ steel wool technique.
Thanks again for your help

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