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belts and the tension....


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Nov 12, 2001
San Diego, CA
1992 Convt w/hard top; 2004 Z06 Z16; 1962 327/300
Ok, my 92 has a jumping belt. It jumped a groove about three months ago, and now this week it has jumped twice. I was once told that the tensioner is going, thus allowing the jump. (I have been driving it a bit harder this week, ie power shifting)

Assuming that is the problem (feel free to suggest otherwise), should I go ahead and switch over to the 93L-96 belt, tensioner, idler and p/s pulley; or should I just get the stock replacement belt and tensioner? Pros and cons??

Mike, one of the members of our local club had the same problem and couldn't figure it out either. It was finally diagnosed as a cracked air conditioner bracket - a tiny hairline crack. He hasn't had the problem since.

Good luck.


If you change to the later pulleys & belt, the belts are less expensive.
Mine had the same problem

Hair line crack in AC mount. I got a used one and it works JUST fine now.

I did the tensioner bearing while I was down there.

Thanks for the info. I will check the braket and for any loose accessories.


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