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Best (Correct) Replacement Soft Tops


72 Stingray

Hi All,

I need some opinions on currently available soft tops for my 72 convertible. I ordered a replacement from Ecklers a while ago and it arrived in an un-opened Al Knoch Interiors box. Upon opening it, I discovered that it was actually a light grey/bone color instead of the pure white that I had expected. I have had a "real white" replacement top on the car before. What is correct? I ordered the "OEM Quality" version from Ecklers and received the grey one. I understood that a white top was actually white and that my previous one was of OE quality. It's been a while, but I think my previous top was from Mid-America.



72 stingray,

Al Knock is usually considered to be the most accurate on color and execution of interior parts. Call them and talk to their rep. I'm sure they will be honost about the correct color. In the end I guess it's up to you if you would rather have a pure white top. I'm sure they are available.

I ordered a black canvas from ZIP and also got it shipped from ALKNOCH .
I was wondering why the plastic window didn't have the engraved data, like cleaning instructions.
Wasn't that originally standard 30 years ago ?
Otherwise, I'm happy with it.

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