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best & worst vet 84-96

I am 17 and i own an '84 vette. has 120K but runs very well. I take very good care of it. Thought i am quite curious of why chevy gave the'84 only 205 hp i would think a 5.7L 350 was capable of a little more omph. The infamous cross has given me trouble when it is under a half a tank of gas, or while taking corners. The criticized suspension i actually enjoy. I would suggest buying an '85 or up. and if anyone knows why this car has these problems please let me know. let me add it proved well against a 2000 supercharged GrandAM with 240HP.
because of the technology at the time that's the best they could do and still meet the pollution requirements. The 87 is the first year with the roller rockers. After that, go for the 91-92 with the LT-1. I would not recommend putting any more money than necessary in the 84..drive it and enjoy it, don't try to make it something it's not.
first year LT-1/6-speed

95 PurpleRag said:
Isn't the first year for the LT-1 1992? The body changed in 1991, but not the engine.

1992 was the first year for the LT-1, 1989 was the frist year for the 6-speed, the body change was in 1991 (a.k.a. late c4). i own an '85 - love the car. it makes a great everyday driver, although my favorite would be a competition yellow over black convertible - circa 1995.

JoeC -- 2000 navy/oak coupe - 1985 silver/graphite coupe
Although the 1984 did lack horsepower and had a harsh ride. Car and driver called the '84 the most advanced vehicle in the world, and the best handling vette ever.
2 posts for the price of one...

I scanned the chapter from the Corvette buyer's guide today and updated my site with it. I also thought that some of you that are looking to buy a C4, might glean some info from this data. Check the attachment out.

Toronto Eh?

A slightly (1/2) shorter season up here. But, there's still a lot of nice weather for a convertible. As said before, the LT5 ZR1's are real desireable, collectible but don't come in convertibles. The LT4's are all 6-speed standard shift trannies in the '96.... a darn good second choice.

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twiget said:
...The '96 LT4's, IMO, are the best over all C4's out there. Gobs and gobs of power, and the most refined ride,handling, and interior of the C4's. And it's still definatly a Corvette!...

I agree with twiget completely (see sig for reason.. :) )

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best/worst c4

stay away from 1984s that was the first year of the c4 and chevy still had some adjustments to make (dump crossfire etc) the 85-89 are the easy ones to work on (mass air is much more tolerant of changes to the system than speed density ) control. but the 1996 is the best put together c4(quality control was really pushed)that year. just an opinion Ive owned a 84 and now own three 1985-92-96 the 96s the best driving one:w
best/worse C4

Try to avoid the 84 to 88 C4s due to Doug Nash 4+3 overdrive transmissions. Those trannys are very prone to failure and very expensive $2000+ to repair/replace:r :r
Re: best/worse C4

bruce said:
Those trannys are very prone to failure...

Bruce, there's nothing wrong with the 4-speed (the 4-speed is a Super T-10), it's the overdrive unit that's the weak link.

A remanufactured unit from Mid America costs $1299.99 + $1200.00 core charge, + $35.99 freight charges, and that's not counting the labor for installation (if you don't do it yourself), so your figure of $2000+ up front is pretty accurate on the face of it, but in actuality the cost is closer to $1500+. ;)

I just got off the phone after ordering a rebuilt unit for my '87. I'll keep y'all informed as to how it turns out. :s

(You can follow the progress of the overdrive fix at this post: Doug Nash 4+3 Info and more...)

nash 4+3

I stand corrected it is the OD not the tranny thats the weak link:eek:
Low power compared to a ZR-1 sure but better than any 74 on sharks.............harsher ride as per Brook....sure.....but as for reliability...some people just have NO clue! I have never met ANYONE who had ANY problems with CFI and as to engine fires......interesting in knowing what Yutz U heard THAT from!!!

The best part is U can still work on it! The only reason they developed the 100,000 mile plug is because u practically have to take out the engine on Lt1 to change a bloody plug! I guess if U want to run to Mr Badwrench for every little thing get a LT1&up......but for those who discriminate try an L-98...at least they are servicable performance upgradable and dont have the ugly square tailights.......

90 Corvette ZR-1 said:
I feel that the best C-4 is the 90-95 ZR-1, or the 96 Grand Sport. The worst C4 I would have to say is the 84, low power, horrible engine reliability, heard very bad stories of engine fires and such.
Jaker, I love my Ruby and think it the prettiest Corvette made. Most are owned by folks who maintain them and keep them looking good. There are some for sale on the 40th Registry web site. WWW.40thregistry.com.

I have an '84 Z-51!
Yes, i agree that it is a harsh ride, i soften it up by replacing softer riding tires, i had BF goodrich comp t/a zr
and its too stiff, but the handling.......outstanding.:eek :J
Cross fire injection....there's not a whole lot you can do to it, its better not to waste any money, and modify the later models TPI, etc. There is a web site:
I never had a problem with it, just keep the jets clean by using "Red Line" injector cleaner. It does have good torque at the bottom end, but not at the top !:(

i am getting ready to buy my first corvette. i was told not to buy the ones made in the 90's.:ugh what i want to know was the 90's a bad year for the corvette
i am getting ready to buy my first corvette. i was told not to buy the ones made in the 90's.:ugh what i want to know was the 90's a bad year for the corvette

who told you that?

so, I guess the 80's were better?

Thats a relief....I've been driving around in my (3rd one) '87 for 20 yrs and wondered about that :chuckle

The only people that critique Corvettes are people that WISH they drove a Corvette........ :D

84 is the ONLY yr that I'd be concerned with, ONLY because it was a "one of" year model. If you find a low milage 86, or 91...even a 81.....buy it if you like it. Every yr model has its issues.

ANY Corvette is better than NO Corvette IMHO.

Be forwarned, Corvettes are made of expensive parts. The parts are expensive because most parts do not fit anything else. Many Vette parts are "Corvette only" making them more costly than a comparable part for a Chevy Impala. Many Corvette parts are throw-away...non servicable. You replace the part, not rebuild or repair. I'm sure there are a couple people out there that were flat assed shocked to learn that Corvettes wear out U-joints like tires and there are 6 of them. Or the wheel bearing/hub assembly that you throw away when they get a little loose. ( I know of one guy that still refuses to accept that and keeps calling around looking for the rebuild parts).
Some folks seem to think because a car cost more that its not going to wear out...ever. They'd be wrong. If you drive it, it wears. Easy. Even a Roll Royce has wear.

There are few things in this life that I can claim with a great deal of pride. Most are common, typical. Few are noteworthy.
One of my greatest accomplishments is having a Corvette parked in my driveway for most of my life. How many people can say that? Even though that has cost me a fortune, I would not have traded that for anything.....:thumb
I love my 84 Vett

I have a 1963 Roadster, a 1984 Coupe, and a 1998 Convertible, and I have had a 1957 and a 1961 Corvette, and by FAR the 84 (with the Z51 option) is the most fun to drive. It is like a Go kart!! You can fall asleep in the 98 convertible until you step on the gas or turn a corner. For fun, I'll take the 84 any day. It reminds me of the older Corvettes, when you really fell like you are driving (but it is well know as a harsh ride, but this is like the old days, instead of the fast but less fun cars of today). I want to feel like I am really driving a car!!!
father & son

Respect the 84, it broke the mold,and advanced the future for corvette!

worst 1984
best 1995 ZR-1
after 1984 each year improves. 1987 roller rockers. The LT-1 was a significant improvement first available in 1991(i think)

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