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best & worst vet 84-96



Hello all
this is my first time here and soon to be first time vet owner. I have always been a chevy lover but mostly 65-70 stuff.
I am not looking for a modified vet just one that has not been abused. i'm not looking to race it but just drive it and enjoy it. I know what buying a used car is like and worst of all a used performance vehicle.

my question is were there any "really bad" years for vet in the 84-96? what was the best year? what was the worst?

basically i just want to get a good car with under 180,000km Toronto area. and at a reasonable price.

Anybody who ever bought a car after I owned it, got a good car well taken care of and not abused,,,so I'm looking for somebody like myself who can sell me one or let me take over their lease.

thanks for any help you can offer if there is something I should stay clear of please let me know...
Hey jaker, welcome aboard. I guess the best suggestion I can offer is try & get the newest Vette that you can afford. They got better with every year that passed. I would try to find one that has been garage kept with fairly low miles. If you buy from a Vette enthusiast, chances are you're probably getting a good car. Take your time & check out sites like http://www.traderonline.com. They'll give you all kinds of priceguide info:)....Good luck!

I agree with JT. The '84 'Vette was the Motor Trend car of the year, and they only got better from then on. The '96 LT4's, IMO, are the best over all C4's out there. Gobs and gobs of power, and the most refined ride,handling, and interior of the C4's. And it's still definatly a Corvette!

Also, welcome aboard the Corvette Action Center! Feel free to come back and check the place out.

thanks guys

I really liked Kent Abercrombie 1994 Coupe it looks plain & simple but then how could a vet ever be plain.

I too, was looking for a 60's-70's vet 4 years ago. '60 to '67 were out of my budget and the '68 to 73's just didn't have the ride I was anticipating. After driving a C4, I picked up a used '86 convt off a used car lot. 46k mi with the cleanest suspension and ride I could imagine. Over the last 4 years I've gutted and replaced the entire interior except seats. I've modified the engine to the performance I desired but now need paint, weatherstripping and new top to maintain an excellent stock appearance.

One year ago, a buddy of mine finally got the bug and bought a '94 convt from a meticulous vet owner. 14k mi and not a swirl mark on the paint. Runs like it just came out of the showroom.

Conclusion, I've probably got as much $ into my car as he has into his and I enjoy the restoration work. The difference, I still have work to do and will spend more $ but, I can drive rings around him on a course and I got the body style I wanted. I also drive my vet regularly while he takes his out only to wax and drive a couple miles on Sunday mornings.

You can take many avenues to vet ownership and enjoy yours as you wish. There is no such thing as a "best / worst" vet in my mind. It's all what feels good and fits in your budget.

Good hunting, and I hope you join the brother/sisterhood of proud vet owners soon. You won't regret it.

Very Well Said

I think you about covered it ;)
Very nicely said:cool:
Jaker, A guy came in the shop last night, he had an 89 convertable for sale. He said he was asking 11K. The car look real nice except for the drivers seat and he had all the invoices where he had some work done on it. I really don't know anything about the car other then it looked good and 11K didn't sound too bad to me. It is white with black top and grey interior. If you are interested I have his number. you can e-mail me and I will give it to you..............Steve
That's what I need to hear bro. I know I don't want to do any work on my car and I know I want to drive it daily. I just was not sure if I should be looking for the newest or the lowest Kilometers. In other words an older Vet with low km's would hopefully not be falling apart.

Having said that, I wonder if I had to choose between a 90 with low km's or a 92 with higher km's....hmmm what to do there?

About .62 mile.

Tom :p
worst 1984
best 1995 ZR-1
after 1984 each year improves. 1987 roller rockers. The LT-1 was a significant improvement first available in 1991(i think)
Originally posted by Brooks
worst 1984

A.K.A. Motor Trends Car of the Year for 1984

Originally posted by Brooks
The LT-1 was a significant improvement first available in 1991(i think)

Yes the LT1 was first avalible in '91, and the ZF-6 6-speed tranny was first avalible in '89.

think about all of the 1984 cars...any stand out in your mind...something had to win and it was corvette by default... you should drive a 1984..harsh ride, lacks power
the cross fire injection is a nightmare

[Edited by brooks on 03-08-2001 at 11:22 AM]
Isn't the first year for the LT-1 1992? The body changed in 1991, but not the engine.
95 PurpleRag I believe you are right ;)
I feel that the best C-4 is the 90-95 ZR-1, or the 96 Grand Sport. The worst C4 I would have to say is the 84, low power, horrible engine reliability, heard very bad stories of engine fires and such.
worst vette

i would stay away from a 84. crossfire has its problems and the ride is harsh. i have a 86. the first year with abs brakes. tpi injection is much better. i have the z51 option which is a lot stiffer suspension then standard. even so it is much better then the 84. 86 or newer is my advice. good luck
Can't afford the beautiful (yet still pricey) late model LT5 ZR1? Drive an LT4-powered 1996. I still think that motor turns more than 330 hp... no matter what Chevy's literature says. I've owned a '94 LT1 convertible and the step up to the LT4 was more than worth it.

And as everyone has said... the entire C4 Generation just kept getting better. I've noticed the quality improvements (albeit slight) from just the '94 to the '96.

I just wish they would use the C4's leather in the C5's... those new seats look worn out after 3,000 miles ...

I'd say anything past 1992 or 1993... before that time the quality was a little shaky... but that just be my bias showing! :)
Summer car?

If this is going to be a summer car only, my suggestion is to get the best CONVERTIBLE you can get! :)

If you don't plan to drive it in the bad weather, why not have a convertible?

You can't beat the feel of riding with the top down on a balmy summer evening.

My $0.02

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