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big problems......maybe?

I understand that the engine is fairly fresh. However, if the timing chain was not replaced at the time of the rebuild, then the chain could be stretched to the point that any extra stress, such as hard acceleration, etc, could cause it to jump.

To answer a previous question, small block chevys are not 'interference' engines, meaning that even if you lost the timing chain altogether, you would not bend the valves.

Now, since the distributor turns by means of a spiral gear at the back of the camshaft, any change in relationship between the cam and crankshaft will cause a corresponding difference in timing. A car can be timed and run with the cam off a couple of teeth. It would have less power, but would probably run pretty well. However, if the cam chain slipped once, it will without doubt do it again.

I don't know that your timing chain is the problem . . . it could be something entirely different. However, your symptoms are suspicious.
now i'm really stumped!!!! i've looked at the carb which looks fine. the distributor is tight as can be. i looked at the spark plugs and thet are ok. the engine oil has no metal in it. none of the plug wires are melted. i'm gonna have my friend the mechanic look at it this week. i just know its gonna be something dumb that i never thought of just so my friends can goof on me. there is nothing worse than getting a friend to help you and finding out its something simple. (this is all positive thinking that i've been working on. if i think its something small it will be something small. get it great idea huh!!) so when he is done fixing my small problem i'll let everyone know what it was so all you guys can goof on me too. (something small, something small, something small, something small............)
Watch it be the fuel pump!

Then I'm going to sound like the biggest idiot of all! :L
It happens,

I have been stumped for a couple of months why this 36 Ford that I put a 1995 style LT1 from a trans am with the 460 electronic trans won't run right. Nothing was working proper, but all the power and grounds and sensors were good.

It turned out to be water under one of the main computer terminals. That was it. So, $1,500 later in new injectors, O2 sensors, temp sensor, and a new reprogrammed computer for a little water under a computer terminal.

Stay at it, you will find it.
BJ . . . what's the latest on this? I'm curious to know exactly what you have found to date.

racer78 has a point.

I thought that the ignition was off on mine. I thought some of the wires were crossed because the exhaust didn't really sound harmonic, with apattern. Anyways i unplugged all the wires settup the distributor like in the manual hooked up the wires and "bang" backfire. I tried it again and once again backfire. Well after careful inspection i figured out that the wires were of by one point. The firing order was right but all the wires were shifted off by one. (i hope that makes sense) Instead of firing the 8 cylinder it was firing 1. Well i shifted all the wires back by one and sure enough everything a o.k. You would have to find or place the no. 1 cylinder at TDC and work from there, thats if you havent done that already.

my .02 cents
well i gave up. i had our friends at AAA tow it to the mechanic. he says it sprobably the carb but after almost having my eyebrows burned off twice i'll let the pro look at it. i feel defeated. does this make me less of a man?
No way!! It takes a big man to admit when he's finished!! Good move taking it to 'the man'. Please keep us informed how it turns out. I think you have about a dozen of us very curious . . .

well its back and it runs. now a durmatic pause for effect................................................................................................flooded real bad. thats it, just flooded real bad. the mechanic said that it took about an hour of playing with the carb to get it to turn over then it smoked forever. this is my first holley carb and he said that i better get used to it cause this kind of crap will happed again. he says its typical with the holleys. he was quite antimated in his hatred for holleys on street cars. does anyone else have lots of problems with a holley? sorry to keep you all in suspense just for a flooding prob but i'm just thankful its nothing big. now i'm wondering about this carb and if this type of stuff will keeping happening. i guess i'll just wait and see.
Exactly what was the explaination for flooding? Just the fact that it was a Holley or something else? My brother flooded a fuel injected car, so anything can be possible. I'm just trying to figure out why this would happen on a regular basis, as the mechanic implies. --Bullitt
he guessed maybe the power valve initally, then i guess me pumping it too much while trying to get it workin. its not the fooding that will happen again just other crap in general. stuck needle, running fat/thin all the time etc...

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