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blah blah brakes


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Sep 10, 2003
White LK MI
1979 white l-82
I know this one has been beaten into the ground but' im tired of the brakes on my 79, heres the story...about 2 years ago i had some rotor-run-out issues ie; air pumping, so i took it to a covette guy that i knew, he said he "shimmed" the rotors, that worked excellent for a few summers. Just yesterday i pulled it out of the garage for the first time this summer and the pedal went straight to the floor, i took the cap off the master cylinder to see that the front reservoir was bone dry and the back was full. so i took a look at the calipers and the front pass. was pretty much soaked, it looks like one of the piston seals is blown out. So i guess that im in the market for some calipers. I am pretty poor right now so i was thinkin a pair of stainless reman from autozone for like 70.ea I want to get back on the road asap cause this is pretty much the best week to live detroit (woodward)...so in conclusion to this rant; do you guys think i should scrap this week and order them form VBP or throw some autozones on??Thanks-Anthony


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Sep 30, 2004
1981 repainted black coupe
If this is the first you had it out this year, you probably don't drive it enough to need the hi power brakes. I had the same problem, replaced one caliper that was leaking (and the shoes - if they're soaked, they're ruined) bled them out and it's fine. I've put just over a thousand miles on my car in just under two years, so I'm plenty happy with stock replacements. Just my opinion.


PS - I'd think the best week to live in Detroit would be the one that ends with the day a million or so of you see the Red Wings Stanley Cup parade. . .again, just my opinion!


Anthony, Hey my bro lives in White lake. I grew up in Livonia. As you can see I'm in Iraq now. Hey I had the same problem several times on my 67. I bought 2 from Autozone, and rebuilt 2. If I let the car wet for more than a week or two, one of the dog gone calipers was going to leak. I finally bought a whole kit from Corvette Central (there in 3 Rivers MI) I think the kit was $399 and came with Stainless Steel sleeved calipers, pads, and the rubber lines. I had the car for another year and a half and no problems, even though it sat from November when I left to come over here until I sold the car in April. I would have saved myself alot of time and agony if I had just bought the kit to begin with. Good luck, and God Bless


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Dec 12, 2004
Maryland / D.C.
'69 Convertible Vette; '72 Z28 Camaro Rally Sport

I am also looking for one replacement Delco-Morraine caliper, and found this on eBay (Gulf Coast Corvette): http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Corv...emQQcategoryZ34199QQihZ014QQitemZ330015544416

They have a 100% feedback rating and over 400 sales. I'm gonna give them a try (but I pay-off some other priority bills first!).

Anyway, check 'em out, I think they may have a better price on calipers than Corvette Central.


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