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Help! bleed clutch

douglas foster

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Aug 18, 2005
minnesota usa
1984 C4 Gold coupe, Z51, 4+3 manual, BBS rims,
Pulled cover off for spring, sat in vette, depressed clutch to start, peddle droped to floor with a bad feel. started car and clutch catches just off the floor. so bleed first, or replace master? any special info,except the 45 degree on the slave when bleeding the system. i just replaced this whole system last summer!! when bleeding last yr i really had a hard time bleeding. i though that you attach a line from bleeder to jar of breakfulid, pump peddle,open bleeder valve, peddle drops to floor,close valve, add fluid to master, repeat tilll air is not comming out into jar. what would happen, when bleeding the clutch peddle would get rock hard when pumping and not drop to floor when i opened bleeder valve. so i closed up system and it worked till now? did i screw up??
Is the Master Low?? If so Look for leaks!!If you don't see any leaks, have someone Pump the peddle a few times and hold it on the floor and Crack the bleeder a couple times and see what you have!!:upthumbs
father & son

Thanks, rebleed worked. One thing replaced clutch master last yr, with correct 84 type master. found out the rod that hooks up to clutch peddle had wrong size hole was too small had to reuse rod from old unit. the old master was an 85. Wanted 84 to stay correct, but wondered why 85 was on my 84? Come to find out my 84 production date was 07/84 so some 85 parts were installed on my 84,in 84. Just heads up.

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