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Blinking red light ?????

Jan 24, 2002
Binghamton, NY
1981Dark Blue Metallic & 2004 conv. magnetic red
Please HELP

Near the Shifter there is a red light that is constantly flashing and I think it might be the Anti-Theft but not sure. It has not blinked for the 3 years I have owned the car til yesterday. My instruction book doesn't even show a light there.

I just had a new radiator installed in the car yesterday and now the light is flashing and not sure how to turn it off or what it really does, HELP


Can you get a photo of it?? The only thing that comes to mind is the rear window defog switch, but I believe it is yellow and doesn't blink... Could this be an after market alarm system?? I've know some that have put a LED in their console or dash to make it look like an alarm is on... and actually does nothing but blink as a deterent if someone looks in the car :confused

Bud, yes there is an amber light for the rear window defogger, but this red light is centered just below the ash tray. I'm really puzzled, maybe this vette is now possessed?

I appreciate any input, thanks fellow CACers in advance.

Chuck :w
Chuck, i'm with Bud on this one: My aftermarket alarm had one of those and i had that installed where you describe (well, a little left of that, i guess). See if you can put a picture up maybe we can figure this one out.
I tried uploading a picture and don't know how to resize it, twas kinda like pushing a chain uphill so I gave up. Could use some hints.

Email me the photo and I'll resize if for you ;) RareL81 @ hotmail.com

Here is the photo of Chucks "Blinking RED Light"

Yep, i think thats an aftermarket alarm.
My (functioning) alarm light was mounted over to the left of that, bottom corner of the ashtray cover. But it looks almost identical (from the pic).
Thanks for helping the guy out Bud. You are the best! :upthumbs

Now to check whether it's doing anything, you could open the side console (2-3 screws) and see if there are wires attached and where they lead to. Might just run to a powersource and be done. Or it might lead to the actual system.

;worship Stefan and Bud

A million thanks and I will check this out further, CAC members are the best, always there with a helping hand.

Thanks Again

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